Quick Picks = pops of inspiration to help you prosper.

Our inner world—the way we think, fueled by the way we FEEL—creates our outer reality, not the other way around. If life feels bad, change the stories in your head to feel better fast.

Our beliefs aren’t always the truth but thoughts we think so much they stick, for better or worse. We can decide to change our minds and act anew even as we form new beliefs.

Despite our best intentions, we feed what we fight. We shall overcome—and come alive—by using things we can’t accept to clarify our heart’s desires to start bringing them to life.

Your soul—the wisest and infinite part of yourself—speaks to you through your body, not intellect. If your mind says yes but your heart or gut says no, trust your body wisdom.

Prosperity isn’t earned by “being good” but is a gift of your birth. Don’t fall for the false belief you’re unworthy of your heart’s desires. You can be, do, or have whatever you FEEL you can.

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