Dealing with rainy workdays

Dealing with Rainy Workdays

Have you heard that most heart attacks happen on Monday mornings?

Research suggests it has to do with stress. Surprise!

I was spared a heart attack, but my past work broke my heart and robbed my health. After years of this, I had to break free, which meant leaving familiar shores and facing new choppy waters.



If you’re going through a work storm, congratulations!

Rain is the stuff of growth and getting you on track:

It means that your thinking could improve or that you’re drifting away from what your soul wants.

For the longest, I was confused about the work my soul wanted. But once I started doing things that made me go, “YAY!” (for real), I saw how my past jobs—the ones I said wasted my time and talents—had made my “yay work” richer and trained me to start pulling it off.

Nothing’s a waste if you call it fodder and training for something good.

In one job, I wrote reports for Congress, which were picked apart a million ways before seeing the light of day. It was like AAAH!!! then, but given what I love now—writing concise stories for you—I’m SO THANKFUL (or maybe just grateful) for the nit-picking.

When you’re like AAAH!!! at work, think, “How could this be moving me toward something good?”

Then chill and listen to—and follow—your inner voice, so long as it’s saying harmonious things.

And below are other steps you can take to turn rain into sunshine.

Daydream often:

Imagine what you’d do with unlimited resources.

Don’t worry if you can’t see pictures in your mind. The feeling is what matters. If an idea feels good to think about, take one step to make it happen in real life. And then keep following the fun…

Put your dreams on paper:

Ideas on paper take on lives of their own.

Have you ever read an old wish list and found your wishes had come true? I’m not here to explain how but to say write down your wishes. Be bold—no one needs to see before you’re ready.

State what you stand for:

Why fight when you can create what you want?

Fighting hunger isn’t the flipside of feeding people well. We can fight hunger with junk food that causes diabetes. “Pro” feels better than “anti,” and you’ll ask more productive questions with a pro framing.

Heed your hunches:

Hunches are heavenly nudges towards our dreams, or something better.

We’re swimming in a sea of divine guidance, but we block it by not believing we have backup we can’t see. Also, because we ignore our “funny feelings” to do things that make mental sense instead.

Let go of burdensome beliefs:

Your beliefs aren’t the truth but thoughts you think a lot.

The choice is yours: to cling to beliefs that make life harder, or to let them go and test drive others. And if you look, you might notice that your beliefs aren’t even yours, but perhaps your parents.