What we do

Chard & Stripes is a “school” of prosperity making and word-of-mouth marketing platform. Here’s our deal: Storytelling, Micromanufacturing and “Reunionizing.”

In case we haven’t met on another page, I’m Mary-Elizabeth, Founding Mother of Chard & Stripes.


Besides planning to produce materials to spread cheer and inspiration for all, I tell stories to…

  1. Share ideas, tools, resources and lessons learned for you to make a great-feeling life and world, with a focus on doing work you love to remake the worlds of food & fashion.
  2. Feature kind people, products and businesses on the Chard & Stripes blog for you to love and promote by word-of-mouth. And through our future Ad House, to…
  3. Create campaigns—with Jeff, my partner in life and wordplay—to inspire more people to join in on the fun of prosperity making, like by doing community projects.

But mostly, I’m here to learn and share ways we can ALL be better storytellers because…


Your business / soul work won’t prosper if your stories confuse the people you seek to serve, let alone yourself. Stay tuned ’cause we got some work to do for alluring brand storytelling.


By my definition, micromanufacturing is making goods on a tiny scale. I dream about this happening in communities globally, but I’m acting locally by making work wear for the Chard & Stripes Boutique.

We Americans spend hundreds of billions on apparel, but less than 3 percent of it is made in the USA. We have the power to change that and make “quality over quantity” thinking, normal thinking that will pay dividends: Us looking fly, planting financial seeds where we live, and making ways to shop other than from retailers doing bad business, like endangering offshore garment workers.


Reversing the decline in “for the people” unions sounds great, but reunionizing to me means forming a Chard & Stripes family in my hometown and gathering often to dream and design, SING, break bread and more. The plan—once I settle somewhere and pull this off—is to report back to spread ways you can pump up the prosperity in your neck of the woods.

And if you want some details on me and Jeff, click here to meet us.