Why we’re here

“We’re” here because “we” learned it works better—and feels better—to share ways to make prosperity than getting unhinged about things “we” can’t accept.

Chard & Stripes is a labor of love, but it partly grew from things that I—Mary-Elizabeth, Founding Mother—couldn’t take:

  • Wealth inequality.
  • Food insecurity.
  • Food on the market controlled by too few players with too little concern for people and the planet.
  • Double diabetes in kids and junk food advertisers targeting them. (Type 2 diabetes—previously “adult onset” diabetes—is now common in kids. Some also have type 1 diabetes—previously “juvenile” diabetes—which gives them the burden of double diabetes.)
  • Advertisers pushing pills on adults instead of selling us on true medicine: real food.
  • Big fashion brands raking in cash on the backs—and sometimes deaths—of working poor workers and poisoning the planet.
  • The popularity of big fashion brands with bad practices, especially with Americans.
  • The difficulty of discovering scrupulous fashion brands with my sense of style and Goldilocks pricing—pricing “just right” enough to swallow.
  • Marketing costs too high for small businesses that exist for more than making money.
  • Endless stories about celebrities and techie types raising millions in venture capital.

But please understand this:


I’m pro-prosperity and lovin’ on my kind of stars:
“everyday” people who see problems as opportunities to make change, especially in the ways we eat.

I’m planning on making colorful clothes for work I can’t find, but food is more my focus. Besides the fact that we have less power to begin the world again when we’re hungry, have no energy or are burdened by disease,

Food is a one-stop shop for making prosperity for all.

Everything is touched by food systems, or all that goes into the production, processing, distribution, consumption and waste management of food.

From learning ability to national security, from worker welfare to wealth creation, from health and health disparities to social inequities, from criminal justice reform to anything you could name. I’ll be introducing you to experts on food systems so we can all form clearer visions for building better ones. But you can start learning now by reading this book:


How to Save Our Health, Our Economy, Our Communities, and Our Planet—One Bite at a Time


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