The power of forgetting: Part 1

Founding Mother, Chard & Stripes

I get A Course in Miracles video lesson from Marianne Williamson by email every morning. Saturday’s message was a biggie:

Let me forget my brother’s past today.

Ooo, that hit me hard because I’d been thinking about someone I was trying to feel better about.

Jesus said unless we become like children, we’ll never enter the kingdom of heaven. But he didn’t mean a place we go after death.

Heaven and hell are states of mind that come true here and now.

Becoming like children means becoming more imaginative, playful, preoccupied with our hearts’ desires, open to possibilities and…


I’m not saying to forget history, but to be careful about getting mired in it, which we risk doing the more we recall folks’ sins.

And our own.

Marianne said in the video lesson:

“You are born again any time you don’t bring your past with you.”

Ditto for your brother’s because where’s the freedom in living life weighed down by baggage?

Let me forget my brother’s past today.

This isn’t condoning your brother’s egregious behaviors, or your own, but getting past them emotionally so you can move on.

So, what could stand to forget?

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