Why I’m calling a water bottle an earthly delight

Founding Mother, Chard & Stripes.

I wouldn’t say I’m a biohacker, but I am quick to try low-risk experiments on myself in pursuit of better health. So if ancient wisdom says swishing oil around my mouth is good for me, I’ll give it a try.

Incidentally, I’m glad I tried oil pulling again recently because it’s a habit now and is doing wonders for me. As for putting ghee in my navel, the jury is still out but I’m sticking with it for now. 🙂

Anyway, …if fun with oils isn’t your thing, you can relax: there’s ancient wisdom with water you can try.

I have seen many people walking out of chronic ailments just by changing the water that they drink and how they drink.


Composed of mostly water, we humans don’t thrive when dehydrated.

But not all water is equally good for us. Without getting into the weeds about the structure of water, leaching happens, meaning the way we store water matters to our bodies—BPA-free bottles didn’t become the rage for no reason.

Despite that, newfangled plastic is still plastic. But luckily, …

We can improve our health by staying hydrated the Ayurvedic way:
Drinking water stored in copper.

I got hip to this from Sadhguru, a prominent Indian mystic.

Excited to see how I’d feel from drinking copper-infused water, I looked for a copper bottle online but didn’t buy one because the websites I found didn’t sit right with me.

But that was before I discovered Copper H2O.

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Despite me washing it regularly, I once had a water bottle that grew stuff inside.

Until I discovered that was happening, said stuff got in my throat and made me hoarse.

Because it’s naturally antimicrobial, I probably would have avoided all that had my bottle been copper.

Use code chardandstripes10 for 10% off purchases over $30 at Copper H2O.*

Besides killing bugs, and making beautiful-looking things (I bought the smooth bottle BTW), …

Copper is an essential mineral that can help stimulate the brain, improve digestion, and support cardiovascular health and weight loss.

Is it possible to get too much of a good thing?

Yes, although drinking copper water is unlikely to take you over the limit.

The World Health Organization has concluded it’s safe to consume up to 2mg of copper per liter of water. Research has shown that water stored in copper absorbs less than 1/20th of that amount, but you can play it extra safe by…

  1. Limiting your copper water consumption to around a liter a day (about 4 cups).
  2. Storing water only (as opposed to acidic juices) in copper bottles, and…
  3. Skipping water stored in copper for much longer than 8 hours.

And on that last note, …

Storing water in copper for 6-8 hours makes it alkaline.

So now you can ditch alkaline water in plastic if you’ve been buying it. Mother Earth will thank you for making less trash, and you will thank yourself for having more to spend on groovier things.

Use code chardandstripes10 for 10% off purchases over $30 at Copper H2O.*

Water is synonymous with life.

Copper is essential for living life well.

And that’s why I’m calling a beautiful bottle that helps us get more of both an earthly delight.

Still have questions?

Copper H2O’s website is chock full off good information.

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