Prosperity makers:
Here are some whys and ways to start a newsletter.

It helps you be courageous Jesus isn’t coming back except through us. How I was so scared to say that before. Qualified it etc.

Meet “Jane,” a real-life business owner locked out of Twitter when she super needed to tweet.

Jane put all her eggs in one basket and her choice bit her in the butt.

Facebook be changing metrics and Twitter be trippin’ sometimes, so plan on starting a newsletter if you plan on reaching people and changing lives.

Now meet me, Mary-Elizabeth, whose newsletters turned my suffering into service and success:

Her service was sharing lessons learned after her life crashed and burned. Her success was feeling more hopeful, clarifying her thinking and writing to where she could launch Chard & Stripes.

You reap what you sow: Whatsoever you do to serve others serves you, in just the way you need.

Mary-Elizabeth started when she was down and out. Tnot successfull sometimes the best teachers are just a few steps ahead


Prosperity means aliveness.

If you’re more alive today than yesterday, you’re successful and can spread prosperity.

If you want to make a difference, start a newsletter to share how you’re perking up.

If you think you can’t write, stop thinking that. Pretend you’re talking to a friend and put the words in your mind on a page. Or don’t: Share links to things you’re making or loving. What’s important is promising to share. Consistently. At any interval you choose. And then follow the fun/inspiration.

Ready to get on board?

If yes, keep reading.

If no, click here to sign up for Chard Mail, cause help to clarify your work is on the way.

Here’s how I became alive through a newsletter.

Step One:

I committed to sharing my work, frightful as it was to me now.

Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn co-founder, said, “If you aren’t embarrassed by the first version of your product, you shipped too late.” That doesn’t mean to share shoddy work. It means to make your best offer before your work sparkles. My best offer was stories about trying to remake my career.

Step Two:

I sent an email to family and friends offering my stories, and put a link in my message to a webform.

A webform is a page where people sign up for your newsletter with an email address. I linked to my form in an email message, but it can be done in an email signature or social media profile. I started with Mad Mimi marketing for $10/mo, but search “free email marketing services” for newer options.

Today, I use Flodesk, which doesn’t require a website. It’s $19/mo no matter how large I grow my list, unlike other providers. There’s Flodesk University, with video lessons for beginners and more. Start for free if you can, but if you poke around and pick Flodesk, click here for the $19 rate (normally $38).*

Step Two:

I asked my family and friends to share my offer with others.

The idea was to get my offer to folks beyond my direct reach.

Step Three:

I sent my frightful newsletter to my few subscribers, and put it in public on a free blogging site.

I shared my work publicly on Tumblr. Today, I would use Medium. It’s good for writers. If you make music, there’s SoundCloud. If you make videos, there’s YouTube. You get the point. Put a link to your webform wherever you can to collect emails of folks who like your work.

* If you buy, I earn cash at no extra cost to you.